What are you waiting for, ask a lawyer!
ver had a small legal question, but didn’t think it was worth the time or cost of calling a lawyer? Ever wondered how to deal with a collection call, a small claims lawsuit, a contractor who won’t finish work at your house, or maybe a bad check you received? Ever had a question about an employment contract you signed at work, a property dispute with a neighbor, or maybe a family member who passed away but didn’t have a will?

I suspect that anyone reading this has some nagging legal question in the back of his or her head. It’s probably a question that you think is too small to call a lawyer about, but you’d really like to know the answer. Sometimes little questions plague our minds, keep us up at night, or make us feel a little unsure of how to proceed with something. Sometimes all we need to put our minds at ease is to speak to someone who can give us a little advice and information.

Times have changed, and lawyers are more accessible than ever, but a majority of people speak to a lawyer only when they are buying or selling real estate, when they get injured, or when some problem has gotten so big and out of control that they have no choice but to get legal help.   That is the wrong way to look at your relationship with a lawyer. You should have a relationship with your lawyer where you feel comfortable calling them about little problems, not just the big ones.

I have a saying that I’d rather give a person 5 minutes of free time, rather than have to charge them $1000’s of dollars to solve a problem that initially could have been solved in a 5-minute phone call.   The point is, I can better and more cost effectively help my clients by giving them advice as soon as a problem arises, rather than after it has reached a crisis level.

Can every problem be solved or question be answered in a 5-minute phone call? Of course not. But, some can, and you’ll never know unless you pick up the phone and ask a lawyer. If you have a lawyer who wants to charge you for every little question you need answered, or if you don’t have a relationship with a lawyer you can trust, then you should call me. Let’s talk about some of those questions you have so that you can have some peace of mind. Call 203.577.3330.