Times have changed.
Has your lawyer kept up with the changes?

modern_law-cropThe Law Offices of Bradley Morris was formed to provide a place where individuals and small to medium sized business can get the same high quality legal representation normally found only at large law firms. We provide the same quality legal advice and service as big firms, but at prices more consistent with the economic times and the needs of smaller business owners and individuals.

At Bradley Morris, we believe that quality legal representation requires hard work, diligence, a commitment to excellence, aggressiveness, and cost-effective results; that’s how we practice law, and that’s what we deliver. To accomplish this, we use the latest technologies to communicate with our clients and the judicial system. We use the up-to-date legal databases and news services to stay abreast of legal developments, and we creatively outsource necessary support services. All this enables us to provide relevant, practical and helpful legal advice when and how our clients need it.

The perfect client of this law firm is a creative, forward-looking, entrepreneurial type business that wants to build a partnership with its lawyer as it grows. Is that you?

When clients call, we are available to them 24 hours a day. An attorney is there to provide advice, and we provide it whenever our clients need it.

Whether our clients need a trial attorney, a general counsel, or simple one-on-one legal advice, Bradley Morris meets those needs in creative ways and at rates unconstrained by the economic realities that bind larger law offices. If you are looking for an aggressive, experienced law firm dedicated to meeting your legal needs, call for a consultation. Find out how the right lawyer can get you practical, cost-effective results!